Who we are

Thank your for your interest, my name is Robbin Loois a recreational karting driver since the nineties. Since the beginning of this millennium I became professionally involved in the karting industry. This is where I met some people which infected me with the vintage karting virus. As a hobby I started swapping and collecting karts and parts, in order to create my own vintage collection. 

The parts I do not use are stored in a warehouse in South Carolina. As a vintage kart enthusiast it does not feel right to keep everything stacked away, for nobody to enjoy. For that reason, I indexed every item, made pictures and let 3 independent kart enthusiast price the items. Eventually I put everything on a webshop and vintagekartshop was born, hopefully you will find something you need to put to good use! If you have any questions, inquiries or remarks kindly contact me at robbin@vintagekartshop.com.